Dear Addy: August Recess

Dear Addy,
I’d like to meet with my legislators at home during Congress’s August recess. How do I schedule a meeting?
Recess Rockstar

Dear Recess,
August recess is a great time to meet with your federal legislators at home. Members of the House of Representatives will be on recess from July 27 through Sept. 3, 2018. The Senate’s summer recess has been shortened this year (as of June 5) to the week of Aug. 6-10, 2018. While this may change, plan for a shorter window to meet with your U.S. Senators. But remember, lawmakers’ district offices are staffed year-round, so even if your Senator (or Representative) is in Washington, you can still meet with one of their staff assistants in their home office near you.
Use the following tools to help you plan your meeting. You may also want to reach out to your local Member Organization to see what resources they have available and if someone from the organization is available to attend with you.

If your legislator or their staff are unable to meet with you, you may also be able to see them at a local event (i.e. parades, state and county fairs, and other events in your area). Visit their website or call their office to find out where they’ll be and when. Your legislators will likely be making more public appearances to meet constituents ahead of the mid-term elections this fall. If you do meet with your legislator, post a photo on social media and share it with HFA! Take advantage of this opportunity to build a relationship with your lawmaker, locally.
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