Dear Addy: Back to School 2015

Dear Addy_BackToSchoolDear Addy,

My daughter is about to start kindergarten. How should I go about telling the teachers and administrators at her school about her hemophilia?  I want them to know how best to respond to any incidents without treating her like a Faberge egg.
Off to School-Now What?!

Dear Off to School,
Sending a child with a bleeding disorder off to school for the first time can be both exhilarating and terrifying. You may be excited for your daughter to learn new things and establish a sense of independence, but also fearful that something might happen to her while she’s away from home. Don’t worry, though; help is available for you and the school’s staff!
Please take some time to check out HFA’s newly revamped Back to School toolkit in our Resource Library. This toolkit is full of documents to help educate the educators while taking some of the stress off the shoulders of parents like you. There are downloadable forms, video presentations, and links to great resources all over the web!
Some of the features of this toolkit include:

Please visit the Back to School Toolkit to find these tools and many others here. The National Hemophilia Federation has a good article on the subject, too. Best of luck.
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