Dear Addy: Eager Learner

Dear Addy,
One of my favorite things to do is to learn about different health policies and legislation that impacts people living with a bleeding disorder. Right now, I have been limited to only information I can find in my state and Congress. I would like to learn more about what goes on in other states. Does HFA have any resources that can help?
Eager Learner

Dear Learner,
I’m glad to hear you are so passionate about learning!
HFA certainly has a resource for you that can ease your research struggles. Be on the lookout each quarter for a new report called the State of the States. It will focus on policy and advocacy efforts at the local level across the United States, giving you the opportunity to learn what challenges or successes bleeding disorder advocates are facing in neighboring states, on different sides of the country, or you may even learn something new about your own state! It may even prove to be a great tool for connecting and collaborating with other organizations on shared issues.
You can also check out the monthly Washington Wire for additional updates. It is filled with news regarding actions taking place at the national level and includes details about health care policies and legislation at the state level as well.
For more helpful tips and resources, check out the Hemophilia Federation of America website.