Dear Addy: Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo With Hemophilia?

Dear Addy_Tattto

Dear Addy,
I want to get a tattoo, but am worried that my hemophilia will complicate things. Is this safe?
Dear Un-Inked,
This is a subject that you and your hematologist need to discuss. Here are some questions to ask your hematologist:

  • Safety-Is it safe for someone with hemophilia to get a tattoo since the process involves breaking the skin?
  • Infusing-If it is safe, should you infuse prior and/ or after getting the tattoo?
  • Bleeding-Is there a risk of a bleed after getting a tattoo?
  • Disclosure-Should you disclose to the tattoo artist that you have a bleeding disorder?
  • Recovery-What is the recovery process and what things should you look for in terms of complications?

This article from the National Hemophilia Foundation has lots of other great information to read before getting a tattoo.
If you get the go-ahead from your hematologist and are prepared for any contingency related to your hemophilia, do the right thing and do your research on the tattoo artist and art. Tattoo removal is a serious procedure with its own medical risks. This article from the National Hemophilia Foundation has lots of other great information to read beforehand.
As far as recovery, listen to your body. Follow your hematologist’s advice on recovery and monitoring the tattoo. Don’t be afraid to seek medical help should something seem off in the recovery process!

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