Dear Addy: New Year, New Goals

Dear Addy,

My company is having a New Year’s Resolution exercise drive in 2015. I want to participate like everyone else, but with my hemophilia I have limitations and joining a gym is expensive. What can I do to get involved and exercise like everyone else?


Ben, Adult Male with Hemophilia B

Dear Ben,

Oh, yes you can get moving as part of your company’s exercise drive. We have developed our FitFactor online wellness program especially for people with bleeding disorders. FitFactor offers services designed to improve health, fitness, and quality of life through regular physical activity and proper nutrition. The program offers video podcasts, suggested exercise options, and dietary meal plans based on age, weight, and medical complications secondary to hemophilia. You can register for the program on HFA’s website.

As to joining a gym or pool, check with your health insurance provider to see if they offer a discount to their customers on gym and/or pool memberships. Some plans also will offer discounts on home fitness and nutrition products. Having healthy customers who exercise is good business for health insurers.
If you have Medicare, you will need to check your coverage closely. Though Original Medicare* does not provide gym memberships or discounts, some Medicare health plans or Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans do offer gym memberships and/or fitness programs and discounts.
Once you get moving, it’s important to stay active. That is why we have created our Get in Gear activity tracking app, which can:

  • Keep track of activities, including distances traveled and time spent active
  • Identify areas of pain or possible bleeds
  • View fitness videos
  • Share your progress on social media
  • And so much more!

Go for it! Healthier bodies bleed less.