Dear Addy: Planning for Summer Activities

Dear Addy,
This summer, my family has plans to travel and attend camp, in addition to numerous other activities and commitments. Can you recommend resources to help manage my kids’ bleeding disorder while we’re on the go?
Summer Savvy

Dear Summer,
With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, this is a timely question! HFA has compiled resources for people with bleeding disorders to maintain an active lifestyle year-round while managing treatment and safety:

  1. This Dear Addy post outlines several tips for summer activities, including how to plan for camp and travel. If you’re not already connected with a summer camp for families with bleeding disorders, use HFA’s Summer Camp Guide for a complete list.
  2. HFA’s Be Prepared Toolkit is your go-to guide for travel and preparing for an emergency. Complete the worksheets in the toolkit before you travel and make extra copies so they are ready to grab and go anytime.
  3. This Dear Addy post highlights the importance of talking to your insurance company to verify coverage outside of your local area before traveling, as well as how to find the closest Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) to your destination. The post is geared for the holidays, but can be applied to travel any time of year.
  4. If your kids are traveling abroad, watch this Young Adult hangout. Young adults with experience traveling overseas share how they prepared and managed their bleeding disorder in foreign environments.

Have a great summer!
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