Dear Addy: Ready to Vote

Dear Addy,
It’s been an extremely stressful year due to COVID-19. Elections are coming up fast and I’m not sure what steps I need to take to vote. Any help?
Ready To Vote

Dear Ready,
I agree this year has presented a lot of new challenges for everyone and learning new ways to cope. As of today the general election is less than two weeks away.
While many things have changed, exercising your right to vote is still critical.
In response to COVID-19, states have taken a variety of precautionary steps to ensure everyone’s safety whether you are voting in-person or by mail. The first thing I would encourage you to do is to register to vote or confirm that you are registered. Every state has deadlines for this process.
To check your state, click HERE. Once you are registered and depending on your state laws you have the option to vote in-person or request an absentee voting ballot. As you may have guessed it these processes come with deadlines as well that varies across states. For more information on what’s going on in your state, take a look at the resources below and check the HFA website.
2020 Voter Information
Happy Voting!