Dear Addy: Reporting Insurance Issues

Dear Addy,
I’m already experiencing issues with my health insurance, despite being less than a month into the new year. What resources does HFA have for reporting these issues?
Frustrated Consumer

Dear Frustrated,
HFA understands your frustration and wants to hear from you. We strongly encourage you to reach out to HFA with stories about any insurance issues that are impacting your access to care via HFA’s Project CALLS.
Why participate in Project CALLS?

  • HFA’s policy team will review the information you submit and will respond promptly with any resources they can suggest to help you navigate your issue.
  • Sharing your story helps the bleeding disorders community as a whole. Regulators and legislators need to hear patient stories about how limitations or mandates set by insurance companies affect the people they serve. The information shared with CALLS is deidentified and compiled into a quarterly report to show trends in barriers to care in the bleeding disorders community. These reports help shape HFA’s policy priorities and conversations with decision-makers about what changes are needed to ensure patient access to care. The more information collected, the stronger the case!

HFA has made it easy for you to participate in Project CALLS. There are numerous ways that you can report your issue:

  • Complete Project CALLS online (our updated short form takes five minutes!)
  • Speak privately with a trained HFA staff member by calling (202) 836-2530
  • Email the Project CALLS team
  • Have HFA contact you

New this year: All CALLS entries from August 2015 through Feb. 29, 2020 will be entered in a drawing to receive a hotel scholarship for HFA’s annual educational Symposium in Baltimore April 24-26, 2020.
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HFA frequently receives questions from the bleeding disorders community related to advocacy issues. The questions often impact the entire community. In an effort to reach the largest audience possible with our responses to these widely applicable questions, HFA developed “Dear Addy.” Questions submitted to this column are edited in order to protect privacy and should be considered educational only, not individual guidance