Hemophilia B Treatment Options

The current, most-used treatment for hemophilia B is factor replacement therapy. This is done by infusing (giving the medication into a vein) a FIX product into the affected person. When you infuse FIX concentrate, the FIX is immediately available in the bloodstream, and your body can use it to stop or prevent the bleeding. Some bleeding may be successfully treated with aminocaproic acid, often most useful for mouth bleeds, or tranexamic acid, also useful for excessive menstrual bleeding. Both of these medications can be given orally.

You can learn to administer FIX concentrates (to yourself or your child) at home at the first signs of a bleed or for preventive care (which we call prophylaxis, or “prophy”).

Gene therapy is now available for hemophilia B. To learn more about gene therapy, visit the Current, New, and Emerging Therapies course in HFA’s Learning Central (located in The University section). For more specific information, speak to your provider.

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