Each year HFA recognizes the service of a few very special volunteers who have stretched beyond the norm.  Please join HFA in honoring our current and past award recipients:

     Volunteer of the Year

Criteria: Awarded selected by the HFA staff in recognition of tremendous national spirit and remarkable volunteerism with HFA for the bleeding disorders community.

  • 2019: Murali Pazhayannur
  • 2018: Anthony Llanes Rodriguez, Manuel Lopez
    Serrano, Liliana Gomez, Martha Boria Negron
  • 2017: Starlyn Tyree (awarded posthumously)
  • 2016: Mickey Price
  • 2015: Maryann May
  • 2014: Lee Hall & Ray Dattolli
  • 2013: Stanford Murry
  • 2012: Donald Akers, Jr

     Terry Lamb Health and Wellness Award

Criteria: Award for exceptional commitment to supporting HFA in its national efforts to encourage health, nutrition and wellness behaviors in the bleeding disorders community.

About Terry Lamb: Terry had severe hemophilia, was an active member of the bleeding disorder community, and was a respected leader. Terry grew up in Virginia during the 1950’s when treatment and resources were quite limited. However, Terry never let the struggles of life bring him down and regularly mentioned his father as his inspiration. He was a true gentleman that regularly brought out a smile in others. His sweet southern charm touched countless people. Terry often cited his active lifestyle as the reason he rarely had bleeds later in life and tirelessly encouraged others to do the same. 

  • 2018: Chris Seistrup
  • 2017: Kim Philo
  • 2015: Vaughn Ripley
  • 2014: Barry Haarde
  • 2013: Patrick Lynch

     Michael Davon Community Service Award

Criteria: Award for extraordinary service to the community via one’s national or global volunteerism and charitable giving.

About Michael Davon: Michael was a New Englander who was integral to the inception of HFA. He was described as a man of extraordinary vision and compassion.  He offered infected community members the opportunity to find that unique solidarity that comes with a shared condition. HFA was the beneficiary of his quiet philanthropy and financial support. 

  • 2019: Joslyn Olsen
  • 2018: Tom Knoerzer
  • 2017: Kelly Ambrosio
  • 2016: Joe Caronna (awarded posthumously)
  • 2015:  Lori Long
  • 2014: Nathan Wilkes
  • 2013: Jim Holmberg

     Ron Niederman Humanitarian Award

Criteria: Award for extraordinary and inspirational service to the national or international community via one’s professional work or volunteer service.

About Ron Niederman: Ron was a New Jersey native who had hemophilia and contracted HIV from the contaminated blood supply in the 1980s. He was an active member of the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey and a champion in the fight to make America’s blood supply safe for all. His pursuit of legal redress for the damage, suffering and death of community members was legendary. He was always willing and available to provide service and assistance to those in need. 

  • 2019: Laurie Kelley
  • 2018: Emily Bisson, APRN, CPNP
  • 2017: Ellis Sulser (awarded posthumously)
  • 2016: Dan Kuhn, PhD
  • 2015: Michelle Burg
  • 2014: Glenn Mones
  • 2013: Dave Cavenaugh

     Charles Stanley Hamilton Legacy Award

Criteria: Award for extraordinary lifetime service that encompasses national volunteerism, professionalism and leadership.

About Charles Stanley Hamilton: Charles was a Louisiana native who suffered from severe Hemophilia A. He passed away much too soon in 1979 while a college student due to complications from surgery. Charles was remembered for his brilliance with a personal legacy that lived on for many years at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where his honors program project became known as the Cajun Quiz Bowl. High school teams from throughout Louisiana competed for the ultimate championship and finals held at the university where the winner was awarded the “Hamilton Cup” established in his memory.

Charles was the son of the late Dr. Charles “Chuck” Hamilton, a pediatrician and physician surveyor for the Joint Commission JCAHO), and husband of Jan Hamilton, one of the founders of HFA and a long term Executive Director. It was Charles’s hemophilia which led to his greatest legacy. His parents dedicated their lives and service to those with hemophilia and later those with co-infections. HFA would not have existed nor thrived in the early years without the support and sacrifice of Jan and Chuck Hamilton whose untiring work on behalf of the community were profound. Their service to the community encompassed medicine, advocacy and the justice system. Sadly but with great gratitude and thanksgiving, HFA Honors Charles Stanley Hamilton with its lifetime service award in his name.

  • 2019: Kathleen Byrne
  • 2018: Barry Haarde (awarded posthumously)
  • 2017: John Reed (awarded posthumously)
  • 2016: Susan Swindle
  • 2015: David Huskie
  • 2014: Donnie Akers
  • 2013: Christopher Walsh, MD

     It Takes a Village Award

Criteria: Award is provided to an individual who goes above and beyond in uniting community and has demonstrated a unique ability to link those in need from the experienced bleeding disorder veteran to the newly diagnosed family.

  • 2019: Trudy Stringer
  • 2018: Connie Montgomery
  • 2017: Darcy Zwier

      TEA – Teach, Empower and Advocate Award

Criteria: Award for outstanding national or global support and advocacy for women’s bleeding disorders issues.

  • 2018: Gwenn Welsch
  • 2015: Dr. Robert Sidonio, Jr
  • 2014: Vicki Jacobs Pratt
  • 2013: Danielle Nance, MD
  • 2012: Morgan Cook

     Leaders of the Future Award

Criteria: Award for exemplary service, leadership and integrity by a Teen or Young Adult under age 21 who demonstrates courage and promise.

  • 2018: Shai Mann Robinson
  • 2017: Rose Bender

     Member Organization Spotlight Award

Criteria: Award recognizing a member organization with a true passion for service to their community.  This award honors an organization who has created an environment within their membership that engages members, continually promotes education and consistently encourages self-advocacy.

  • 2019: The Bleeding Disorders Foundation of Washington
  • 2018: Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
  • 2017: Hemophilia Alliance of Maine

Chair’s Award

Criteria: Award selected by the current HFA Board Chair for exemplary contributions to the national bleeding disorders community.

  • 2018: Matthew Compton
  • 2017: Corey Dubin (awarded posthumously)
  • 2016: Diane Lima
  • 2015: John Reed
  • 2013: Judy Igelman
  • 2012: Mark Antell

Past Chairman Recognition

Recognizing the service of HFA’s Board Chair (formerly Board President).

  • 2018: Tracy Cleghorn
  • 2014: Matthew Compton
  • 2012: Paul Brayshaw

*Not all awards are given annually. 

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