Emerging Therapies: The Latest in Clinical Trials

Hear more about the ever-changing landscape of bleeding disorders treatment. This panel of providers and researchers will share the basics of clinical trial progression and items of discussion for patients/caregivers to consider with their health care provider when thinking about participation in a trial. The session will also include an overview of the new therapies and the science behind these products currently in clinical trial.

Speaker: David Clark

David Clark is a retired chemical engineer with 35+ years of experience in the biotechnology, plasma and tissue industries. His involvement with hemophilia began in 1982, when he joined the American Red Cross to help develop a more highly-purified coagulation factor IX concentrate. During 20 years with the Red Cross, he worked on development of plasma-derived, recombinant and transgenic products including various clotting factors, anticoagulants and immunoglobulins. He has been involved with the Coalition for Hemophilia B for 25 years and is currently the Chairman. He has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Cornell University.

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