Escaping Winter Weather? Take Your Workout with You!


Ready to ditch the ice and snow for warmer temperatures, a sandy beach and some sun?   While it is easy to sit back and relax on vacation, it is also very important to keep up your fitness routine.  Schedules relax while traveling and we tend to over indulge in things that may cause us to gain a pound or two, making it even more important to find ways to stay physically active.  Here are a few ideas that might help:

  • Pack your tennis shoes– Not having the proper shoes, clothes or equipment can be the first and easiest excuse not to exercise.  Tennis shoes don’t take up much room and are a practical choice for walking, running or even hiking.  Be sure to pack for the weather and always consider safety.
  • Go for a dip– swimming is a great exercise for those with a bleeding disorder.  So instead of just lounging by the pool or ocean why not get in and splash around.  Make sure to do a few laps in the pool or tread through the water to get a great resistance workout.
  • Explore your new surroundings– leave the car and take walks to discover interesting places to eat, sights to see and find other areas of interest.  Walking can not only be a good cardiovascular workout, but is also a great way to get fresh air and clear the mind.
  • Find a Children’s Museum– If the weather forces you to go indoors, search out a children’s museum.  Most offer safe areas that allow kids to play and be active.  Often parents can join in on the fun too.  They are also great for families to discover and learn new things together.
  • Plan ahead– search for hotels, condos, places to stay that include or have access to a workout room/facility.  Most hotels offer free access to treadmills, weights, stationary bikes, elliptical and even some fitness classes.  Many of the fitness rooms are available 24/7 so you can work out when it is convenient for you.
  • Be adventurous– Many cities and beach areas now have bicycles available for rent.  Explore the area by bike or look for places to be active and play like local parks or walking/hiking trails.
  • Log your workouts– download and use HFA’s Get in Gear app to keep track of the time and/or distance of your workouts.  You will be surprised at how quickly the miles and minutes add up and how easy and fun it is to stay active while on vacation!

No matter where your get away destination takes you, don’t forget to pack in your workout.  Change it up a bit, try something new, but most importantly, make it fun!  Remember, healthy bodies bleed less!
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