Mild Matters Summit

Join us for our second Mild Matters Summit!

The Mild Matters Summit creates a safe space for females and males with mild bleeding disorders and parents of children with mild bleeding disorders to gather for education, engagement and support regardless of age, background, or level of involvement in the community.

What You Can Expect from the Summit

1. Increase knowledge/ awareness of mild bleeding disorders including signs and symptoms of bleeds and diagnostic measurements.
2. Discuss challenges of accessing diagnosis and treatment for people with mild bleeding disorders.
3. Introduce bleed tracking tools and spend time practicing their use.
4. Practice collaborating with HCPs for diagnosis and care through role playing.
5. Create and nurture social connections between people with mild bleeding disorders.

Learn more and apply to be accepted to the 2023 Mild Matters Summit

Learn more about HFA’s initiative to improve awareness of mild bleeding disorders.

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Blood Brotherhood

Blood Sisterhood

Climbing the Mild Mountain

Climbing the Mild Mountain

Blood Sisterhood
Climbing the Mild Mountain

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Nov 16 - 19 2023


All Day

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Postoak Lodge & Retreat
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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