Facebook Users Raise Money For HFA

Enfield, CT – Members of the bleeding disorders community have jumped at the opportunity to help raise much-needed funds for the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA). Thanks to American Homecare Federation, Inc.’s new campaign, Facebook users can raise $5 for the Hemophilia Federation of America with a click of the mouse. During the months of April and May, American Homecare Federation (AHF) will donate $5 to HFA every time someone Likes their page, AHF Hemophilia Services.
The campaign kicked off on World Hemophilia Day and it was an instant success. Within 48 hours, the community had already raised approximately $500 for the national hemophilia organization. Supporting HFA and its mission is nothing new for AHF. Year after year, AHF has been HFA’s largest, or one of the largest, homecare donors. In fact, AHF donated $15,000 to HFA last month.
“The community loves HFA! People really enjoy attending HFA’s Symposium and the programs HFA offers. They are very much in touch with the needs of the bleeding disorders community,” says Mandy McCullough, a Client Relations Advisor at AHF who is also an HFA board member representing the Connecticut Hemophilia Society. “Plus HFA’s programs are always a lot of fun!”
AHF hopes more people will take advantage of this campaign. Denise Mackey, a Client Services Specialist at AHF tells us, “We are hoping we will have to write HFA a big fat check at the end of May. I have son with severe hemophilia and he has directly benefited from HFA’s programs. So anyone who hasn’t Liked AHF Hemophilia Services Facebook Page yet…please swing over to help support HFA.”
About American Homecare Federation:
American Homecare Federation, Inc. is a national homecare pharmacy that specializes in hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Year after year AHF receives a 100% satisfaction rating from its clients and has donated more money to the New England Hemophilia Association, the Connecticut Hemophilia Society, the Hemophilia Alliance of Maine, the Hemophilia Federation of America, and towards finding a cure for hemophilia than any other homecare pharmacy.
About Hemophilia Federation of America: 
Hemophilia Federation of America member organizations across the country utilize HFA’s collaborative federation to strengthen community support and awareness, develop effective local organizations, and implement valuable community-based programs. These programs include a wide range of adult outreach initiatives, as well as broad-based support for families with bleeding disorders/hemophilia.