Finding Strength Through Diversity

group of young adults in front of Capitol

This Black History Month, HFA asks our community to think back on the family members they’ve loved and the moments they created. We ask our community to think on the diversity of our community, the stories we’ve shared, and the people of color who helped make the bleeding disorder community as strong as it is today. Diversity is our strength, and the unique perspectives and experiences brought each and every day by our African American and Black Blood Brothers and Blood Sisters are the pillars of the work that we do at HFA. Stories are the currency of life, and our oral histories define us and our unique community.

Recently, we hosted a special conversation, “Finding Strength through Diversity” between HFA’s Adrian Palau-Tejeda and the Hemophilia Association of New York’s Associate Director, Tyshawn Constantine. Take a listen as Tyshawn and Adrian delve into their work in advocacy and the effect that diverse voices and representation play in their life and the communities they serve.

At this time, we would like to formally announce that we are currently conducting an internal DEI audit of all our work to determine where and how we can improve our programs so that communities of color are not only empowered at HFA but remain the leaders they are in our organization and our board.