On November 1, open enrollment begins for health insurance plans on the Marketplace. Open enrollment is the one time each year that you are guaranteed the opportunity to modify, change, or re-enroll in your insurance coverage. It is important that you take the time to look at the plans available to you.

Getting appropriate coverage is vital for people with bleeding disorders and their families. The open enrollment period for 2021 Marketplace coverage in most states runs from November 1 to聽December 15, 2020. Opportunities to enroll outside of the open enrollment period are very narrow, so it is especially important not to miss this deadline.

It is also vitally important that you carefully research your options. Don’t simply auto-renew your existing Marketplace insurance plan. Decisions made in Washington, DC over the past couple of years are affecting insurance rates and coverage! Make sure you evaluate your options to pick the plan that offers you the best and most affordable coverage.

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Marketplace Open Enrollment Will End In Most States December 15


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How to Enroll

Once you learn about the ins and outs of open enrollment, see what plans are available in your state at聽! This important site was created to help you:

  • Know what plans you qualify for
  • Find discounts on coverage, and
  • Direct you to your state’s Marketplace

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