Dana Brayshaw

I feel as though the idea of popular sovereignty, that the people are the highest political authority in democracy, is not always practiced in democracies today. Generally, if someone is able to raise enough funds to run for office they have a higher chance of being elected. This may mean that the more qualified person who was not able to raise vast amounts of money, is then not elected. I think money plays a huge role in how many elected officials make decisions as well. Some decisions have huge impacts on people they aren’t generally thinking about.

Also, if the general population is not educated on the dynamics of government and learning about the people who they are voting for, then popular sovereignty does not work as it should. I do think it is important for people to make sure to vote for people that are well aligned with their values. When elected officials then have values that do not align with values of their constituents, this is where advocacy becomes so important.

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