Ken Martin

Well, if my math is correct, from 1810 to 2010, the US population has grown 36.6 times, we are twice as large area-wise and the population density has increased 18.5 times. In that same period the Executive Branch has grown 1537 times in size. It would be interesting to see the size of the Executive branch before the “New Deal”? The size of government increased significantly during that time. It also saw just prior, anti trust laws and government oversight of industry and agriculture.

The world is not the same and never will be. Whether too large or too small it depends on how efficiently it can be run. The numbers may be misleading too. The Department of Defense falls under the Executive Branch and carries over 2 million employees. Take those away and you have the remainder running the entirety of the country. Is that enough?

Currently I do not have an opinion of whether it is too large or too small. As long as the job gets done and there isn’t a pandemic, China Syndrome, World War, genocide or eugenic rhetoric.

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