Michael Wile

Yes the Executive branch has grown too large since 2000. There has been an exponential rise in Presidential power ever since George Washington was elected in 1789. As time goes on, the slope of the curve increases such that it has been growing unbounded since 2000. The reasons for the growth of the Executive branch are many. To begin with American culture idolizes the individual and creates heroes which embolden Presidents and Governors. Once a President has set a precedent by issuing a new executive order then subsequent Presidents can reference back to this order, and not only repeat them, but add new ones. Furthermore, the size of the executive branch is also growing exponentially since 2000. For example the huge increase of executive agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commision, the Federal Reserve, workplace safety, national park management, college sports regulation etc. The heads of these agencies are appointed and can be fired by the President and they can make executive orders with the force of law. The sheer speed of American life favors having one decision maker. Emergencies and attacks are much quicker and they require faster responses. The growth of executive power has changed politics into war. Congress is so polarized that they are willing to write the President a blank check when the President is a member of their party. When they are from different parties and gridlock occurs, the President can issue executive orders and Congress files a lawsuit rather then directly arguing over the constitutionality of the executive order.

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