Natalie Parker

I do not think that Congress has too much power. We go through a rigorous process of electing individuals who directly represent our citizenry. If anything, in recent years I believe that there are almost too many checks on the power of Congress. With divided chambers and the power of the President鈥檚 veto and Executive Orders, I believe that Congress right now has less power than it has in the past.

Despite the fact that Congressional representatives are directly elected by citizens, as compared to the President who is elected by the Electoral College, or the Judicial Branch鈥檚 supreme court justices, which are appointed by the President and approved by Congress, I don鈥檛 think that Congress has been able to have as much power in recent years.

I鈥檓 interested in delving more into the difference between local, state and federal powers too! This link might be helpful for some folks:

Here鈥檚 a helpful CliffsNotes that I found (thanks for the recommendation at Symposium, Sonji!):

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