Michelle Fernandez

i really enjoyed Symposium. lets be honest, San Diego was beautiful!! I really enjoyed meeting all the other members of ALC. I am thoroughly impressed by everyone’s stories and passions. its quit motivating and inspiring. I love hoe HFA makes such a big event seem like family. Running into people I had met at previous events and reconnecting on a deeper level. I also loved the history exhibit. loved hearing how it came about from peoples stories and personal items. Thank you Sonji for all you time and hard work you put into building it. And now its going to the Smithsonian….WOW!
i truly enjoyed the policy preCon. digging deeper helps grow awareness and passion for advocacy. I can home Sunday to advocacy day training for our Advocacy Day on monday. i was pumped. Not to mention we had Kim Isenberg with us. I felt empowered and prepared to share my story. Thank you!
back to Symposium…Final night on the midway was amazing!!!

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