Natalie Parker

Why do you think it is important to stagger elections in the Senate?
Staggering elections in the Senate allows for a continuation of key processes during elections. If all Senators were running for office at the same time, they would be beholden to the campaign schedule, rather than serving their constituents. In addition, institutional knowledge retention is vital on the Hill: even if many people are re-elected, it is important to maintain key committee chairmanships and staffing, which can be overhauled if Senators are not re-elected.

Do you agree or disagree that voters regularly vote our representatives who they believe do not represent their district? Why or why not?
I think the key word in this question is 鈥渂elieve鈥. I agree that voters regularly vote out representatives who they believe do not represent their districts, but I hold that voters often re-elect people who do not actually serve their interests. People who care and vote will continue to be engaged in civics, but it is those voters who are unengaged, disenfranchised, or who do not see any candidates on the ticket who represent them, who may decide not to vote out lacking incumbents.

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