Viviana Gonz谩lez

2. Do you agree or disagree that voters regularly vote out Representatives who they believe do not represent their district? Why?

I think that voters believe they are voting out Representatives that are not representing them, but I don’t really think they know what the Representatives they vote in stand for. Many people vote for their preferred party, without taking into consideration how the particular Representatives they are voting for think about a particular issue that affects them. Making an informed decision takes time and I’m not sure that voters are taking the time to learn about who is the person on the ballot.

3. Is it fair that each state gets 2 Senators regardless of the state鈥檚 population? Why or why not?

Yes, if not the interests of the more populated states would thwart those of the states with less population. If we are to be represented equally, then this is an effective means of achieving that equality.

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