Dana Brayshaw

Since all bills have to go through such a long process to actually become law this helps with weeding a lot of the bills out. Amendments and modifications to the language within bills also must take place. There has to be a compromise to make sure that everyone feels they are passing a law that is appropriate. Hopefully, there will be a broad representation in the legislature so that laws are passed which will benefit the majority of people. So I think it is good to see that only 1 in 10 bills become law as it shows that lawmakers are proposing lots of changes but every bill that is proposed shouldn’t necessarily become law.

I think many times when a bill is pushed into law too soon you can see there can be loopholes found as Natalie was speaking about. Although I feel that if there is a will there is a way and if someone wants to find a loophole or a different interpretation of the law the way they see fit, we can get into trouble. That is why we have the judicial branch to help us interpret the laws if need be.

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