Michelle Fernandez

i agree with Natalie, Steve and Michael on having staggered elections for Senators. i order to keep our government running we have to have people working ever year and not working on a campaign before the election year and then campaigning in the election year. focus would never be in actually serving. we would never get anything accomplished. We wold be out of session. On top of that, there is something to be said for experience and mentoring a freshman senator. i know when we have gone to visit our State Capitol its a different conversation. a different experience talking to a freshman senator than it is an established senator.

i do believe that voters vote out representatives that don’t represent their district. That is their job. their purpose is to represent their constituents from their district. if they are not doing that we have lost our voice.

Sonji – we have visited have visited our legislators at the local and federal level for health care issues. the question is hard because the local are easier to access and its easier to build a relationship with thru Advocacy Days, town hall meeting and social media. unfortunately they are on committees and if its not medical or ways & means its ends in a referral to someone who is on the committee that can help that your not a direct constituent of. So we just wait for our issue to make it to a vote in hopes that they will remember your ask at that time.
where when your visiting a senator in DC they can hear you out and connect you with a staffer in their office that can talk directly to you on your issue.

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