Michelle Fernandez

1 in 10 seems like a lot…kinda. Knowing how much goes into passing a bill. its hard to imagine the original ideas get communicated to the end results. This cant happen without articulate writing of the original proposal. i say this because each step of the way, each committee that hears this bill will see it from a different perspective. they will interpret it thru the viewpoint of their committee or cause. This i where things can be added or taken away that can make the next group find their issues too. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on hearings in the past and even got to testify, amazed at how one committee bypassed the whole bill just to concentrate on a little part that they were concerned would how an admin expense to it and that wasn’t in the budget so it was passes to ways and means committee. Everything else was good but that was out of their hands. so disappointing.

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