Aidan Elliott

Is it fair that each state gets 2 Senators regardless of the state鈥檚 population? Why or why not?

It is absolutely fair that each state gets two senators. It is the precise reason we have a Bi-cameral system with the House being represented based on population and the States being represented equally in the senate. What would be the incentive of Wyoming or North Dakota joining or staying in the union if they weren’t represented equally to California and New York at some federal level?

4. If the average size of a House of Representative鈥檚 district is 700,000 constituents, can the Congressman or Congresswoman effectively represent everyone in their district? Why or why not?

Obviously, it is impossible to represent 700,000 individual points of view at the same time. Because the majority of people are indifferent or ignorant to most issues, As an individual, it is important to make your point of view heard because you are the only one who can advocate for your point of view. If more people are vocal about their points of view, (hopefully) congresspeople will have a better understanding of how their constituents feel about a given issue and will act accordingly. I don’t know if expanding the volume or complexity of the house of representatives would make more voices heard or just make the whole process more cumbersome.

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