Ashley Castello

2. I think it really depends on where you live if you have the ability to vote out your representatives when you feel as though they don’t represent your interests. For example, I live in the deep South, in Louisiana, and I consider myself a liberal, which makes me a minority in my district. So try as I might, I am usually unsuccessful in trying to vote out the reps who I feel don’t really represent my interests. I need to make myself more familiar with my House Representatives, buy I know for sure that my two senators do not represent my interests at all.

3. I do not think it is fair that all states get two senators despite their population. I agree with what Michael and Krista said about this issue. I believe this system was developed in a time where there was not so much population disparity between the states. It is a system that has not evolved with the growing and changing nation. I think it is the people that need fair representation, not each state, and that is why the states with higher population should have more representation.

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