Natalie Parker

I do not consider myself a watchdog, simply because I don’t know that I’m as intimately informed with local issues as I’d like. I personally believe that a government watchdog needs to have the following elements:

– Connected within government
– Constant vigilance
– Understands pressure points and keeps up-to-date with all issues
– Isn’t afraid to make difficult decisions or call out those in power

Here in Philadelphia, I work for a few political organizations that I would consider “watchdogs”. Because of their collective power, organizations are able to hire people with many different skills and experiences to keep a watch on the government. The Committee of Seventy is well-connected within city and state government and intimately understands the processes and levers that it needs to pull to make change. It has a good-sized board and officers within the organization that develop policy platforms and keep abreast of local political news.

I’d like to become more of a watchdog, or at the least, use the information from other watchdogs to inform my work, opinions, and actions.

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