Krista Davidson

There are many roadblocks to participating in politics. Personally, my husband and I work full-time, we have 3 children, and we care for my ill mother who lives with us. We have a myriad of distractions in our lives, just like millions of other families. Despite household dynamics, it is hard to focus on all the information that is being presented to us every minute of every day. What information is accurate? Also, I feel my representative(s) may not represent my values and opinions. I feel less likely to participate in events with them such as town hall meetings, or to reach out when I have a concern. Since reviewing the lessons however, I learned some steps I can take to overcome my personal roadblocks. I can carve out time from my schedule to go to a political event that seems important to me, which may only be once a month. I can seek bipartisan sources of information or participate in elections if I don’t feel my representative adequately represents me. There may be many roadblocks to participation, but there are just as many ways to overcome them.

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