Viviana Gonz谩lez

I think that not knowing how our government runs is likely the biggest roadblock to civic life participation. We can’t expect people to just know how this complex system works and operates if they are not exposed to it. Thus, education is key and should start at the elementary school level. Also, civics becomes more important as our own government makes it a priority. For example, in Puerto Rico (and a few states), Election Day is a holiday and I think it is one of the reasons why there is such a high voter turnout. The government made that day a priority for the people and, at least in P.R., it’s very important for the people to cast their vote (granted there may be particular historical and cultural reasons for that as well). If becoming involved in civic life is a burden (or is thwarted, often illegaly, by others), then most people will not prioritize it. There’s just too many other battles to fight.

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