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    David Tapia

    Hello my name is David Tapia. I am a 28 year old hemophiliac (Severe Type A) born and raised in New York City. My grandmother was a carrier (She sadly recently passed away during the Covid Pandemic) and gave birth to 14 children. Only 6 survived to adult hood (including my mother) since hemophilia unfortunately was not as treatable many years ago compared to the medical advancements we are experiencing today. My relation to the bleeding disorder community is by being a hemophiliac myself along with having family members who are carriers or have mild hemophilia (One of my uncles discovered he was a hemophiliac by doctors in his adulthood when undergoing surgery). Cooking and music are both passions of mine, my life would not be complete without them! Two of my favorite movies – Fight club and American Mary (Horror is probably my favorite genre). It is so hard to only pick two favorite bands, but you cant go wrong with Scratch Acid or The Birthday Massacre. Two words to describe my personality – Passionate and Ambitious. I am very excited to be on this journey with you all and look forward to getting to know each of you better!

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