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    Jordan Sampson

    Hello My name is Jordan Sampson I am 22 years old and live in St. Louis MO. I have Von Willebrands Bleeding Disorder and have lived with VWD my whole life, my mom and aunt both have VWD as well as my grandma was a carrier. I am very involved in my personal chapter here in Missouri the Gateway Hemophilia Association.

    Two things I like to do are being very active at my church and playing tennis.

    Two of my favorite movies are
    1.Five Feet Apart
    2. The Twlight Series

    Two of your favorite singers/bands are
    1.Carrie Underwood
    2.Hillsong Worship

    Two words that describe your personality are
    1. Fun/Bubbly
    2. Caring/Compassionate

    Also so sorry this is a few days late I was having a lot of technical difficulties.

    I am so excited to be apart of this group and can not wait to learn so much and get to know all of you!

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