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    Justin Najimian

    My name is Justin Najimian and I am extremely excited to participate in this summit and get to know all of you better! I have mild hemophilia and a qualitative platelet defect. My mom has Von Willebrand’s and my sister also has a platelet defect (but different from mine!) That’s 4 separate bleeding disorders between 3 people in my family! My grandfather also had hemophilia as well.

    Two things you like to do
    鈥 Watch Reality TV (Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc).
    鈥 Sing

    Two of your favorite movies
    鈥 Hereditary
    鈥 Parasite

    Two of your favorite singers/bands
    鈥 Ripe
    鈥 The Shins

    Two words that describe you personality

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