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    Viviana Gonz谩lez

    Hi All,

    I hope you are safe and healthy. Pre-Covid lockdown, I attended a campaign rally (for the 1st time ever). It was not at all what I thought it would be. I thought that the candidate’s speech would be more substantive/informative but it was essentially a party/peprally; a little too much shouting and overuse of campaign slogans. Over the course of the election season, I’ve found town halls to be much more informative and helpful when assessing candidates and their position on the issues (though I have not had the opportunity to attend a town hall in person – only via TV).

    I also attended (part of) a San Antonio City Council Meeting via telephone (their Facebook video feed did not work). This was a Council B Meeting, which focuses on detailed presentations on policy issues, but no action is taken at these meetings. The City is having COVID related meetings every weekday, but I thought it would be helpful to attend a meeting related to a different topic (essentially not a special meeting, but a typical meeting). I attended a meeting about SA’s Climate Change Ready program. I found this meeting to be pretty informative. A presentation was given on the effects of climate change on the city and a discussion ensued on the creation of an advisory board. There was consensus and a call to involve the community. Nevertheless, it seems that most of the nominees for the advisory board were board members or high level executives of the main corporations in the area (I thought it would include urban planners, environmental experts, water conservationists, etc.). The list also included former professors and persons associated with local healthcare institutions. Some nonprofits were represented, but I believe no persons representing specific underprivileged communities (those that are more likely to be affected by climate change) were part of the list of candidates for the advisory board. That was disappointing. In general, I found that the City Council Meeting was very informative and meaningful as a citizen, but difficult to follow over the telephone.

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