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    David Tapia

    The podcast regarding choosing the best insurance plan for our personal well being was very helpful! It reminded me that we are not alone in this world and that if something seems extremely complicated, there is always someone nearby to ask for help or guidance. Personally, I would choose a health insurance plan that does not have a high deductible or any at all, one that is not high in monthly payments, and one that will completely cover the medications needed. I myself am over the age of 26 and have gone through the responsibility of making sure I will continue to receive the health care I need. I originally purchased a health insurance plan through Health First but when it was time to order more factor, my HTC told me that my health insurance wouldn’t cover the full amount of the medication which would have left me having to pay thousands that I could not afford. Thankfully with some guidance from my HTC, I was able to qualify for Medicaid with health first and I now have a very reasonable Insurance plan. My personal advice to anyone going through this is to speak to members of your HTC, HFA personnel, and individuals within the hemophilia community in general. My mistake was rushing into a insurance plan I truly did not research enough without having any initial guidance or knowledge of what I was actually getting myself into. This process can be very stressful but we must remember we are not alone! The more questions we ask, the more knowledge we will gain! Good luck everyone and see you at the next young adult advocacy summit meeting!

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