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    Jordan Sampson

    When looking at different insurance plans, it is still a little confusing but,it is nice that I still have a few years left on my parents insurance which will allow me to complete more research and conversations that will help me get prepared. If I had to choose a plan now I would choose the BlueCross BlueShield one. I think that would be more beneficial to me because I see multiple different specialist doctors along with my Primary Care Physician and also looked like it had really good benefits and should cover my medications I take like Stimate and Lysteda and would hopefully even allow me to go back on Amicar instead of Lysteda as well.

    There is a lot that goes into finding the best insurance plan for you and even with the one you do choose there are going to still be some small things that just don’t qualify or that it does not have. One important piece to me would be to hopefully find an insurance company that has my medical providers in network so I would not have to have the trouble of switching and have. There is a lot of stuff I still need to learn but I am hoping with this jump start on researching when I do switch over to my own that I will be ready and prepared.

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