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    Learning Objective: Understand the differences and similarities of state vs federal governments and how the two function together.

    1. Power of the States

    2. Important Role of the States

    3. States as Laboratories of Democracy

    Answer the question:

      Why do you think states are a good place for innovation?

    Michael Wile

    States are a good place for innovation because they act as laboratories for the rest of the country to observe how a particular innovation affects the people living in that state. The west coast is known as the progressive coast because many innovations are first tried out here and the rest of the country watches to see if they will adopt the innovation.


    Ken Martin

    The states creating laws and policy is like recipes for food.

    Some are nutritious and healthy and should be part of your daily diet. Some are over indulgent and you pay for it down the road. Some leave a bad taste in your mouth and should never be baked again. Some are local flavors that only seem to go over in that part of the country.

    Some… are tried and trusted and end up in everyone’s kitchen throughout the country and even the world.


    Natalie Parker

    In a smaller environment, you can evaluate policies using more specific data points and then pivot away more quickly from the policies that aren’t working as well. In addition, policy roll-out can be quicker on the state level; this flexibility allows for more flexibility and innovation.

    In response to Michael, I think the West Coast is able to pass more progressive policies in large part because of the similar ideologies of the members of the legislative bodies. When you’re on the same page about your priorities, governing gets more interesting because you can try out new methods of addressing various policy issues, versus if you are constantly battling another party.


    Krista Davidson

    I think states can set an example for other states. For instance, when a state expands healthcare like Medicaid and more people get health insurance, other states that are watching can follow suit and expand health insurance for their citizens. I believe there can be pros and cons to this however, depending on your personal opinions and values.


    Jen Loving

    States are only good for innovation if those in power are willing to innovate. For example, I think of the ACA when States where given the opportunity to be innovative or they could take the lead of what the Federal Government wanted. While some states did decide to be innovate other states chose to adopt the Federal Government ACA.


    Steve Spears

    States are a good place for innovation because, in some cases, there may be fewer political barriers to the development and implementation of programs.


    I think Natalie’s comment is right. Being able to operate in a smaller environment allows policymakers to test new ideas and do away with what is not working. There still seems to be many barriers, just as there are at the federal level and knowing how your state government works is critical to advocate for your community’s needs.

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