Grifols Update Regarding the Novel Coronavirus

Industry News
The following is a statement provided by Grifols.

“As the situation with the novel coronavirus rapidly evolves, we wanted to inform you that Grifols is taking measures in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to help ensure the safety of our employees, donors, products, and the patient communities we serve. We have also made our expertise in plasma available to health authorities since the outbreak began. 
Aware that our products and services are important to patients and healthcare providers around the world, we can confirm at this moment there are currently no supply delays or interruptions as a result of the novel coronavirus. 
Every single donation at Grifols goes through exhaustive analyses to ensure it meets our strict requirements. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are implementing additional protocols in our donor centers to ensure donor eligibility. Furthermore, our plasma product manufacturing process contains dedicated steps for viral inactivation that ensure high safety margins against this type of virus. 
Grifols has deep expertise and technology in the use of virally inactivated convalescent plasma – plasma obtained from recovering patients – to develop potential anti-viral immunoglobulin treatments. This expertise has already been shared with our partner-to-be in China, Shanghai RAAS, and the Chinese public health system. We are also making it available to other international public health authorities. At the same time, Grifols is accelerating the development of screening and testing methods for the detection of the novel coronavirus. 
Grifols is closely monitoring developments. We will continue to take actions, in consultation with advice from the WHO and associated government agencies, to protect our employees, ensure our medicines and products reach those who need them, and do what we can to help combat the coronavirus. 
For additional information, please see the statement from the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA).
Below is the latest update from BIO (Biotechnology Innovation Organization), the world’s largest trade association representing the biotechnology sector.”