H.R. 3200, Health care reform legislation is in audio format

We Read…You Listen…We ALL Decide!  This is the mission statement from a group dedicated to creating audio versions of the lengthy health care reform bills in Congress.  Over 80 dedicated volunteers, many of them voice over actors, spent hours recording H.R. 3200.  The goal of hearthebill.org is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the reform bills.  “Health care reform is an issue that affects everyone, but it’s been difficult for many people to cut through the spin of various interests and learn directly what’s in the legislation,” said Kathleen Keesling, who along with co-founder Diane Havens, had conceived the idea of producing an audio version of the proposal. 
The website does not charge for listening to the bills.  They plan to continue recording and you can sign up to receive updates…so plug in your I-pods and happy listening! 
For more information please visit:
Hear the Bill
New York Times Article