Inhibitor development can have severe impact on the quality of life and effectiveness of treatment. Testing for inhibitors is an important part of what we can do as patients. Thus, HFA wanted to ensure that the importance of inhibitor testing as well as knowledge about inhibitor development was widely available to our community members.

As a result of a 2017 survey, HFA was able to identify inhibitor topics where increased knowledge and awareness would benefit the HFA community.聽As many of the survey participants were receiving the majority of their information about inhibitors from HFA, we developed an inhibitor learning central course for the HFA community.

Learning Central Inhibitor Courses

To help the members of the bleeding disorders community and their caregivers learn more about inhibitors and have access to the educational tools they need to stay informed, HFA developed an interactive inhibitor course in Learning Central. This course includes: inhibitor basics, risk factors for developing an inhibitor, signs and symptoms of inhibitors, testing and diagnosis of inhibitors, treatment of inhibitors, and quality of life with inhibitors for Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, or von Willebrand Type 3. HFA鈥檚 Learning Central is an e-learning platform that provides medically vetted, accurate information for the community to learn something new or gain the information to educate others about bleeding disorders.聽This module is a self-paced interactive course with opportunities to test their knowledge as they progress through the course coupled with videos featuring community members sharing their personal experiences with inhibitors.

The Inhibitors course can be found in the Knowledge Park

Inhibitor Community Videos

HFA partnered with seven community members impacted by inhibitor to create a series of videos sharing their experiences with inhibitor signs and symptoms, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life. These videos were developed with the intention of increasing awareness and knowledge of inhibitors from the direct voices of community members who experienced inhibitors first- hand. These videos can be found 聽within the Learning Central Inhibitor course, and on the Inhibitors playlist on HFA鈥檚 YouTube channel.

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