Healthy Eating Tip #4: Track your intake

Recording what you eat increases your awareness of your intake.

Track your intake
Keeping track of your food intake is a good way to monitor how well you are following your meal plan and progress toward your healthy eating goals.  Recording what you eat increases your awareness of your intake and helps you to stay on track.  Here are some tracking tools for you.
MyPlate Super Tracker:  This is an online assessment tool that allows you to track your energy and nutrient intake. After you enter the foods and beverages that you consumed in a day, the MyPlate Super Tracker will evaluate your diet by comparing your intake with current nutrition guidelines.  It will also keep a record of your intake for up to one year.  You may want to start with the tutorial that explains how to enter and evaluate your dietary intake.
Eat Smart, Play Hard Tracker: This website offers a weekly tracking form that you can print and complete to keep track of progress toward your nutrition and activity goals.