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Health care coverage and Employer-provided Insurance
Health care coverage and the Marketplace
Health care coverage and Medicaid CHIP
Health care coverage and medicare
Health care coverage and tricare
Health care coverage and veterans health

Will my employer “drop” my employer-provided health insurance in 2014, before the penalty is implemented?

  • Possibly. You should talk with your employer about what changes it intends to make, if any.

Will I get to keep my current doctor/HTC if my employer “drops” my coverage?

  • You will have to find coverage through another option (e.g., the Marketplace). That coverage may or may not include your doctor/HTC in the plan’s network, so checking is important.

If my employer keeps its current employer-provided health insurance, will my health insurance coverage change?

  • Possibly. The employer-provided health insurance provided to full-time employees must be affordable and adequate according to the ACA. Employers may increase or decrease their existing health insurance coverage to meet this mandate. The employer determines the timing and scope of this change.

How can I pay for health insurance if my employer no longer provides it?

  • The federal government will provide premium assistance to eligible individuals.
  • To see if you may be eligible for premium subsidies, click on this subsidy calculator

Disclaimer. This website is a resource only and should be used for information purposes. Please work with your health care providers, insurance councilors, etc. to determine the best solution for you.


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