As a community, we know how important it is for people with bleeding disorders to maintain comprehensive health insurance. Amid the uncertainty of the ongoing coronavirus emergency, we want to remind you that insurance options exist even for those who may be facing job or other economic impacts.

    • You may be eligible for Medicaid if you meet the income eligibility criteria based on your聽current monthly income, and if you live in one of聽the 36 states聽that have implemented expanded Medicaid programs covering most low-income adults.
    • Open enrollment is available for Medicaid and for CHIP聽year-round, for individuals and families who meet their state鈥檚 age, income, and other eligibility criteria.
    • If you had health insurance through your job, or a family member鈥檚 job, and you lose that insurance (e.g. through unemployment, a job change, loss of hours, etc.), you may become eligible for a聽special enrollment period: an opportunity to buy health insurance through
    • If you purchase a new insurance plan on the individual market,聽stay away from skimpy options聽(e.g., short-term health plans, Farm Bureau, or health sharing ministry plans) that do not meet ACA consumer protection standards and will not provide adequate coverage for your bleeding disorder.

For additional coverage options for those without job-based coverage, download these handouts:

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