Good health insurance is indispensable for people with bleeding disorders. Today we are fortunate that effective therapies exist to treat hemophilia and related conditions. These treatments can sustain life and alleviate or eliminate the pain, joint destruction, and long-term disability that used to be hallmarks of bleeding disorders. But because these essential treatments come at a high price, robust health insurance coverage is absolutely necessary for everyone in our community.

Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 made important changes to the US insurance landscape that benefited people with bleeding disorders (and other chronic conditions), including:

  • preventing discrimination on the basis of medical condition,
  • barring health plans from placing annual or lifetime caps on enrollees鈥 benefits,
  • limiting enrollees鈥 annual out-of-pocket costs,
  • allowing families to keep adult children on their health plans to age 26,
  • setting standards for required health benefits in the individual market, and
  • permitting states to expand their Medicaid programs to serve a broader group of low income families and adults.

Since passage of the ACA, however, various forces have pushed to revisit and repeal the law in part or in full. HFA believes that, no matter what your politics are, everyone in the bleeding disorders community needs access to good care. That in turn means all must have access to health insurance that covers the necessary care. You can read HFA鈥檚 2017 statement of Health Reform Principles here.

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