The Patients’ Access to Treatment Act (HR 1600) states that an insurance company cannot charge more for a drug that they place on a specialty tier than they charge for drugs placed on their non-preferred brand tier.

HFA is a member of the Coalition for Accessible Treatments,聽a coalition of patient advocacy groups that work together to help pass the Patients’ Access to Treatment Act.


HFA Issue Brief on Specialty Tiers
(Updated for 2016)
HFA Specialty Tiers Talking Points for States More information about H.R. 1600, the Patients’ Access to Treatment Act
Milliman specialty tier Milliman Report, Specialty Tiers: Benefit Design Considerations for Medicare Part D
This study performed by Milliman examines the use of specialty tiers in Medicare Part D plans.
Avalere Health Study Avalere Health Study
The Avalere Health Study examines the impact of HR 460\, the Patient’s Access to Treatment Act.

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