"I went 26 years without knowing I had a bleeding disorder."

HFA Programming:

Blood Sisterhood is a network of women who support women with bleeding disorders in their day to day life. A way to connect with others who share a similar journey united by blood. Wherever you may be on your journey, whenever you are ready, we are here to connect you to the resources you may need.

Moms聽in Actionis a program dedicated to providing education, support, and outreach through resources that help strengthen a family living with a bleeding disorder.

Children & Teens provides information and support for families with children and teens who live with a bleeding disorder.

Partners & Spouses – As a partner or spouse of someone with a bleeding disorder, self-care is critical. HFA provides tools and connections to help you understand that you are not alone.

HFA partners with the following national organizations that are focused on issues that are important to women like you:

I'm Rare. I Matter.

Foundation for Women and Girls with Blood Disorders – A single site, single source for physicians and healthcare providers. Provider education, across disciplines, is the focus of the Foundation. This benefits women and girls by educating their providers.

National Hemophilia Foundation’s Victory for Women with Blood Disorders – Providing services and support to women in the bleeding disorders community.

National Hemophilia Foundation’s Steps for Living – Information on the basics of bleeding disorders in women.

Other Organizations for women with bleeding disorders:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Surveillance, Epidemiology & Research for women with bleeding disorders.

LadyBugs Program – provides empowerment and educational programs for Women with bleeding disorders.

National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities – A division of the CDC that focuses on protecting people who are especially vulnerable to health risks – babies, children, people with blood disorders, and people with disabilities.

WomensHealth.Gov – The Office on Women’s Health provides national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education and model programs.

World Federation of Hemophilia – working to close the gap in care for women through education and awareness.

National Institute of Health/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute – The Blood Diseases Branch supports research and training programs focusing on a wide variety of blood diseases and is interested in finding effective treatments for bleeding disorders. The Branch supports research on hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease.

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