There is no manual for parenting, yet Dads in Action and Moms in Action do offer many resources, serving as a community sounding board both for parents with their own diagnosis of a bleeding disorder, and for parents of children with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders.

Resource Library & Toolkits

Find resources on a variety of topics in HFA’s Resource Library and Toolkits. Toolkits are collections of materials on a specific topic like Back to School issues, Bullying, Being Prepared, Coping with Sibling issues, and more. The Resource Library also houses other informative articles to help you and your family.

Recorded Webinars

Missed a live webinar? No need to worry 鈥 HFA records all our offered webinars. From advocacy-related issues to parenting issues, you can find information here on YouTube.

Dateline Federation

Dateline Federation is the official HFA newsletter sent to all members and member organizations. Each issue contains current information on topics affecting people with hemophilia, news about current and new HFA programs, stories about HFA members, and highlights of member organization activities.

Infusing Love: A Mom鈥檚 View

Moms need a safe place to land sometimes. With that in mind, HFA hosts, Infusing Love: A Mom鈥檚 View, a blog dedicated to all things mom! In this safe spot, moms of a child with a bleeding disorder are able to read stories and draw inspiration from like-minded (and similarly crazed) moms like themselves.

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