Helping Forward empowers community members to move forward from crisis into a sustainable future through career planning and financial management.

About Helping Forward

Since the creation of the Helping Hands program in 1997, we鈥檝e assisted and heard the voices of thousands of community members in need. The goal of Helping Forward is to address root causes of the financial insecurity our community members face year after year, empowering them to move forward from crisis into a sustainable future. As new therapies make it possible for more people in the community to enter and remain in the workforce, we also want to meet the need for professional development resources.

In my previous job, the company did not allow me to grow, and I feel it’s because they never understood what I needed. My mental health was greatly affected鈥.I wanted to stay and was fearful of losing my job, but at the same time my absences were unpaid, and it had a huge impact to my budget. There were times I struggled to buy groceries and to pay bills. In that job I learned to make sure I could have a secure income while I was dealing with my personal and health problems.

-Fabiola, HFA Community Member

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