People with bleeding disorders depend, to an almost unparalleled degree, on access to quality, affordable health care. “Access” is HFA’s bedrock principle: defending and promoting access to safe and effective care and treatments, and access to the quality, affordable coverage that pays for such care.

As a grassroots organization, HFA supports the community by providing information and tools to participate in monitoring, advocating, and supporting federal and state public policies.

The vision of policy, advocacy and government education efforts at HFA is to ensure access to safe therapies and quality, affordable healthcare by mobilizing the bleeding disorders community as leaders in rare disease.

HFA’s policy priorities include, but are not limited to, the issues* listed below. Click on a specific topic to learn more.

*This list and links are continually updated. Check back often for updates.

Access to Quality Coverage

Access to Safe and Effective Treatments and Care

Affordability of Care and Coverage

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